Sunday, 22 March 2015

A beautiful non fiction story about  a little blue penguin called Motiti Blue and the devastating effects the oil spill from the shipwreck Rena had on this little penguin, as well as other wildlife.

Beautiful photos of volunteers cleaning up the penguins and nursing them back to health so they could be released safely back to Motiti Island.

This story is written in both English and Maori.

Great read or our eco warriors out there.  Dewey number 363.738  Environmental Issues

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

This book was kindly donated to the school library by Joseph Dennis in Room 16.  Thank you very much appreciated.  I am sure the children (especially the boys)  will enjoy this book with all the specifications about war time submarines.
Here is one for those who like cricket, basketball and rugby.  Justin Brown the author, used to work on the radio, and always had funny stories to tell, while working in radio he also write books.  Now he has decided that he will concentrate on his writing full time.  This is a humorous story about a boy called Toby Gilligan-Flannigan and his school mates.  Toby's dad has said if he takes a  certain number of wickets and scores a certain amount of tries over the cricket and rugby season,  he will by him the latest gaming machine.  Sounds easy as Toby is a great sportsman, however there is always a problem in a story, Along comes the new kid Malcom McGarvy!!!

The book is written like a log book(not a diary) so it is a simple read as no long chapters.
The book has been signed by Justin Brown as well.
I really enjoyed reading it and I am sure you will too.

This book was recommended by Mrs Litten Room 12.

Monday, 9 March 2015

This is a beautiful story about kindness.  If you show kindness to others not only do you help fill their bucket but you fill your own.  The story explains that if you say or do mean things, that make others feel bad, and you become a bucket dipper.  Written by Carol McCloud this book will be under M in our picture book section.  Recommended by Mrs Scanlan, room 14

All day long, we are either filling up or dipping into each other's buckets by what we say and what we do.   Try to fill a bucket and see what happens.

Some lovely follow up activities on Pinterest, as well as other activities on Google